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A Revolutionary Experience

Watts' Tops is still an informally organized partnership. Since 1993, Walter A. Watts (Dad to me) has been making Excellent wooden spinning tops. I spin #96 (each of the tops is numbered) personally.

#96 is a four inch diameter spinning top that weighs in at around one fourth of a pound (USA). I find this size very convenient for learning tricks on because it has a much larger surface area (it's easier to catch) than the Monarc, Duncan Imperial or Hummingbird. Many tricks are easier to learn (once you can manage the size of the larger top). It's hard to miss a target that is nearly ten times larger.

I also have one of the three pounders. The three pounder is a bit much for me to handle conveniently, though I can spin it in my hand.

Watts' Tops are great props for the juggling community.

Join the International Top Spinners Association and share information and top spinning techniques with other top spinners around the world.

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Watts' Tops offers our Classic Deluxe model which is hand painted with the Watts' Tops color pattern. Yellow, Blue, White, Red and Black.

Prices of Watts' Tops are:


Classic Deluxe

Shipping &

Watts' Tops Specialty Handmade Spinning Tops
4 inch diameter$ 95.00$ 10.00
5 inch diameter$125.00$ 12.50
6 inch diameter$175.00$ 18.50
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Prices subject to change.

If you are interested in getting one of these spinning tops, contact WattsTops@ByronServices.com for more information.

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